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    Sticky Menu

    daniele menzaghi

      Hi to everybody,

      i need to develop something like a sticky menu (really used today by smartphone layout site) for my dashboard tableau.

      I found something usefull here How to Create a Collapsible Menu Container in Tableau | Tableau Software , but it has some bugs (ie. in fullscreen mode it doesn't works fine) and more over what i need is to create an horizontal menu (instead of vertical one).


      Has someone tested this solution? Any idea about that or work around?


      thaks a lot



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          Hello Daniele,


          Tableau currently does not have this capability built into Tableau. Please add this as an idea to the Ideas forums. There might be some workarounds out there that I was unable to find, but will follow up with this post if I do find some that create a horizontal menu.



          Byrne, Patrick