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    show different buttons based on selected value from a drop down

    k ll

      Hi all,


      i am a tableau newbie and wanted to implement something like this


      a drop down menu like this:

      user list :





      step 1:

      if a user selects A,  i want to show two buttons   button1 and button2  on the dashboard1  

      if B is selected ,  show button1


      step 2:

      once user clicks on any button above , say clicking on button1 ,  user will be directed to dashboard2 where the charts related to selected User A are displayed


      Questions :

      How can we do step 1 and step 2 on tableau ?

      1.  i dont know how to add two buttons onto the worksheet and also how can i pass down the selected value , say user A , then show two buttons

      2. how can we direct the button onclient to next dashboard ?



      many thanks!!!!!