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    Filtered Table Calculations in Tooltips

    Rory Wallis

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to build a bump chart in Tableau to show the ranking of customers that have raised tickets with us. The fun part is that I'm trying to get this information stored in the tool tip of another chart (in this case a tree map). In effect, what I want to be able to do is have the user hover over the customer name in the tree map and the change in rank over the year for that customer alone is shown in the tool tip.


      I can get to the point where I can filter the bump chart in its own sheet easily enough to show single customer ranking. However, when I place the sheet in the tool tip the chart reverts to showing a flat rank of 1 for each customer (as would be the case if you applied a normal filter to a sheet that used a table calc).


      Does anyone know how I can store a sheet with a table calc in a tool tip and use the underlying sheet to filter it whilst still preserving the table calculation data I want to show?


      Many thanks,


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Rory


          if I understand you would like to filter the ranking sheet while holding the rank as a fixed value -

          but filtering the table calculation affects the underlying table - also table calculations are at the bottom of the order of operation and cannot be used in lod expressions

          so - there is not a way at the present time





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            Rory Wallis

            Hi Jim,


            I suspected that it wasn't possible but wasn't 100% certain because there are workarounds if you aren't storing the data in the tool tip. I'll update here if I come across a solution.


            Thanks for your help!