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    Overlaying Graphs via Data Blending

    Soham Das

      Hello Folks,


      I am looking to overlay graphs from two different sources using data blending and was wondering how to go about it.


      A few words about the data:


      1. Actuals : This data set has three columns, Asset, Pricing and ClientID. For each asset size there is a pricing value that is provided along with the Client ID.

      2. Plan: This data set has two columns Asset, Pricing. Here "Asset" should ideally be treated as a "bin" i.e. for an entry like this (Asset = 10 ; Pricing=125), this should be read as upto $10 of Assets, the pricing should be 125bps.


      What I am looking for is this:

      A scatter plot between Actual Assets and Actual Pricing, overlayed with the Plan_Pricing as a line chart, so that I have three information readily readable from the visualization:


      1. Asset

      2. Actual Pricing

      3. Plan Pricing


      About the workbook:

      1. Two data sources are used- Actual and Plan

      2. One worksheet is present, which shows the scatter plot between Actual Assets and Actual Pricing.



      Can you please help me crack this?


      Thanks a lot in advance.