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    Organizing projects/permissions for web authoring

    Dustin Farris

      We are setting up a POC for web authoring embedded in our portal app.  I am scratching my head over permissions.


      If I set up a custom project, I can add one or more users to it and grant them permissions — but, it seems that I can only grant them permissions up to their site level.  So, if a user is given the "Interactor" role at the site level, that is the most I can grant at the project level.


      In order to let users save their custom work, I assume they will need, at a minimum, the "publisher" role for the custom project.  To do that, it seems I would have to raise them to the "publisher" role at the site level.  This means they could theoretically publish the other workbooks published by our team.  To work around that, we would have to demote them on those projects/workbooks back to interactor.  This seems like a lot of work, and probably error-prone.


      How do others manage this?  Do you create a separate site entirely for customer user-created workbooks?

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          Toby Erkson

          In order to publish content a user must have the Site role of Publisher.

          Within the Project you can set the Save and/or Download Workbook/Save As permissions to Deny or just leave it blank.  You could also deny them Web Edit permission.  There's no level-dependent demoting (Project, Workbook, View) in Tableau Server.


          Remember, it's typically best to leave a permission rule blank, setting it to Deny only if necessary after testing.