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    Multiple Actions from One Dashboard to another

    jiayi zhang




      We are linking two dashboards, Dashboard A (Source) and Dashboard B (Target), by action filters.

      On Dashboard A, we would like users to do multiple actions,e.g. clicking on multiple charts, before it directs to Dashboard B.



      Right now, it seems only the last action on Dashboard A was captured in Dashboard B.



      Is there any work around about this issue?





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          Aaron Dobbins

          Hi Jiayi,


          It would depend on how the charts and actions are defined.  If each chart has multiple values, and some of the charts have the same value, the filters being passed to the target on each action would overwrite the previous action that had the same filter.  In my example, I have a one value filter per sheet, and I am using a dashboard action to filter that value on a map of results.  So the first action filters on region.  The second action filters on state, then the third another filter.  You could use the mapping on the action to filter only specific values for each action but that may produce undesired results.