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    Project Organization

    Stephanie Jones



      I work at a sales company and have been tasked to do some research on how similar organizations consolidate their projects & workbooks in tableau server. As we continue to publish workbooks and create project folders, we've found that our original folder set up isn't scalable and is no longer organized in an intuitive manner for our users. We are looking for some input on how other companies successfully structure their reports.


      Thank you!


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          Andrew Bickert

          Hi Stephanie,


          We are using Nested Projects and Active Directory Groups to manage our Server. Specifically, we have Projects for Each organization under us, and then a subsequent set of projects for different teams within each organization. For the teams that cross organizations (Finance, HR, etc) we have those grouped together in a parent project.


          For process flow, we have a Sandbox for our development team each with their own individual project that they have full control over. Once they are done building they can move it to the User Acceptance Testing Project which we use for validation, performance, and meeting our style guide before one of us admins move it over to the appropriate production folders.



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            Aaron Dobbins

            This is a great question we are asking ourselves as well!


            Andrew, from your response are you saying at the root view on Tableau Server, you have three projects: Sandbox, UAT, Production and then under each you have the corresponding business unit folder?  We have talked about this model internally because having "BU Sandbox" and "BU UAT" at the same level with so many business units coming on board is a lot.

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              Andrew Bickert

              Hi Aaron,

              I apologize I didn't make that more clear; at the top level, we have all our Orgs, UAT, Sandbox and Default. Within the Sandbox we have all our Developers individual folders, In the Default project (since you can't delete it) we put our templates and published data sources, each organization has the subsequent divisions.





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                Aaron Dobbins

                Thanks for the reply!  That is a nice solution so that your business users at the root see their organization instead of a "Production" folder and having to click to get to their business unit.  I also like the idea of individual developer folders so you can hack around and not have anyone else looking at it until it goes to UAT for testing.  Right now our developers will essentially share a business unit sandbox.