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    Trying to concat but getting reference to undefined field

    Shel Hankley

      I am trying to do a simple concat for a city and state combination but am getting a Reference to undefined field for both of the fields.  I have tried many versions of writing this but still get the same error.  I am not sure if it is because I am using a SSAS cube because I have done this before on a straight custom sql query and had no issues.  Is there some type of formatting that needs to happen when using a cube?  The name of the model is Model (CDPS Risk Adjustment Model).  The Clinical_cdps are the tables the fields are coming from.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have googled for 2 days and asked everyone here at work and no luck.  Thank you!


      ([clinical_cdps].[MEMBER_CITY]) + ", " + ([clinical_cdps].[MEMBER_STATE])