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    Tableau Server (cluster) Not Loading Custom Maps

    Ryan Emond

      Hey all,


      I am trying to use some custom map backgrounds to achieve what was done here: QT: Dynamically Switch Images Using Filter


      It works perfectly on Desktop, but when I upload the workbook to Server none of the images are loading. I am hosting the images on AWS in an s3 bucket that has all the permissions set to public. As you can see from the below screencaps the images in question are all loading normally.



      See everything loaded on Desktop:


      Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 10.42.27 AM.png


      When uploaded to Server none of the above images are being pulled. I looked at the network tab and there are no 40x responses and it looks like Tableau Server isn't even attempting to make a connection to AWS.


      Is this not something that can be done with a cluster version of Server or is there something else I am missing?





      Thank you all in advance.