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    Can't filter dates in Prep

    Elizabeth Perry

      Hi, I'm connecting Prep to a table on an Oracle server, all of this is fine, my problem is that the table contains years worth of data and I only want the most recent. If I add the data source and then add a step, locate the date field and attempt to filter using Relative Dates, select This Year, it automatically tells me that it will only include the dates 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018 click Done and nothing shows. I assume the Sample resets itself to show you a sample using the criteria you've applied, otherwise this seems a bit silly. If I do the same thing but instead of adding the source use Custom SQL and select * from the same table where the same date field is between '01-Jan-2018' and '31-Dec-2018' then I get data. Nothing I do in the filter on the clean step works. Does anyone have experience of this type of behavior?