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    Tableau Prep is hung

    Ira Skop

      Tried to run Tableau prep on a data source, and it hung - in this "running" state for over an hour. Only 207,000 records in an Access database.

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          Levi Ritchie

          This is a regular (multiple times daily) occurrence for me at my job. I find the only solution is to terminate prep from the task manager and restart. Of course, none of your work is saved when this happens, so I've made it a habit to save extremely frequently.

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            Enrique Martínez-Barona Barriga

            I'm having the same issue here for a couple of days using 2018.2.2 version and is getting me exasperated. Tableau Prep is working extremely slow and consuming all the resources of my PC. Only working with a 16 MB Excel input file, but Prep is using 7 GB RAM and close to 100% CPU usage, even when not working with it for minutes. It gets stuck there and any little action I try to do takes a very long time to execute. It was working fine until now.

            I hope a solution to this problem is found soon, as I was enjoying this new tool, but now it's unusable.

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              Kate Brown

              Hi Ira - I've run into some of these issues too. I normally clear out the log file folder and sometimes do a repair on Tableau prep. If that doesn't solve your issues I'd open a ticket with support.


              Have a good day!


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                Matt Lutton

                You all may want to also try this approach:

                1) Remove/delete input step(s)

                2) Re-add them to the flow by dragging and dropping to the "Add" option appearing on the left when you hover over the existing Clean step.


                Doing this has brought back results many times when 0 fields or rows seem to be loading.  Give it a shot.


                But yes, like others, I experience this in Prep on a daily basis.  Hoping for improvements as the product gets some age behind it (released in April 2018)