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    How do I make fixed LOD calculation ignore a dimension filter?

    Rick Varona

      I'm new to Tableau and have run into a roadblock related to fixed LOD calculations.  Specifically, I need a fixed LOD calculation to ignore a particular dimension filter in the viz.  Adding the filter to context is not an option since there is another measure (Amount) in the viz that needs to change depending on selection.  In the attached packaged workbook (version 10.5) I need the Prior Year Fixed LOD calculation to produce the same result regardless of the selection in the Type filter.  I'm running into the issue when calculating the Rate on subtotal and grand total.  When the Type filter = B then grand total is correct, but when Type filter = A then grand total is incorrect.  The grand total expected result for Type filter = A should be a Rate = 33% (Amount 100 / Prior Year Fixed LOD 300).  I tried a nested LOD calculation (Prior Year Fixed Nested LOD) to accomplish which works for the grand total, but not the individual product sub categories.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!