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    Applying filters on datasource from javascript api

    vijay reddy

      Hello All,


      I have a workbook with multiple sheets, which I embed in my html application. I have a requirement to apply filters(on multiple columns) on the sheets on user action from my UI.


      I use sheet.applyFilterAsyc(...). This works fine. However, I have call this method once on each sheet.


      I also tried using a parameter and applying dynamic filters and setting the filter to apply on the all the sheets from this datasource. The problem here is, I have to set the parameter value every time i need to set a filter on a particular column. Especially, when i try to reset all the filters, I will have to iterate through all the columns and make 2 calls, one to set the parameter value and the other to reset the filter itself.


      I thought of another option, to create individual filters on all the columns and change their setting to apply on all the sheets from the current datasource. This is quite a big change considering the number of workbooks i currently have.


      As I have large data, these network calls are adversely effecting the performance.


      So I am trying to figure out, if there is an option to set the filter on the datasource level. so that, it would effect all the sheets.


      Any help is appreciated.



      Vijay R.