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    Conditional Formatting based on Previous Column Value -Tableau 2018.1

    Dhritul Gupta


      Hi All,


      As you can see I have two columns per date. One is the success rate % which is a calculated field and the other is "Moving Average of the success rate % for the past 60 days" (which is basically a table calculation i have done directly on the shelf)


      What I want to do is do a conditional format such that the success rate % is compared against the moving average of that day and then a color is assigned (Green if higher or red if lower). I want this done on a daily basis, meaning that for day 19 success rate % should be green and for 19 it should be red. I dont care if the moving average is going to be colored or not since I am going to hide that column anyway for the sake of appearances.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!


      P.S. I cannot share the workbook since it contains confidential data


      Thanks in Advance!