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    Trouble Refreshing from an excel sheet

    Jonathan Squires



      When i try to refresh form an excel sheet I am getting the following error.

      Failed to connect to database. The table "[TableauTemp].[TableA$]" does not exist. Unable to connect to the file "". Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it.

      I have connected to this datafile many times previously with out error.

      I have historic versions of the excel sheet that when i restore will load, but if I refresh the data in the excel sheet then save I can not connect to the data.


      looking in the Log file this looks like it may be the bit where it fails......

      {"ts":"2018-08-23T09:59:23.577","pid":9784,"tid":"2968","sev":"info","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"-","user":"-","k":"msg","v":"ExcelDirectReader::Stream libxl stream failure "}

      {"ts":"2018-08-23T09:59:23.579","pid":9784,"tid":"1ab8","sev":"fatal","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"-","user":"-","k":"msg","v":"\n\n*** Unhandled Exception: 0xc0000005\n"}

      {"ts":"2018-08-23T09:59:23.579","pid":9784,"tid":"1ab8","sev":"fatal","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"-","user":"-","k":"msg","v":"\n*** In DoMiniDumpWriteDump: Found function 'MiniDumpWriteDump'.\n"}

      {"ts":"2018-08-23T09:59:23.579","pid":9784,"tid":"1ab8","sev":"fatal","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"-","user":"-","k":"msg","v":"\n*** In DoMiniDumpWriteDump: Found mini-dump thread handle.\n"}

      {"ts":"2018-08-23T10:01:43.547","pid":9784,"tid":"1ab8","sev":"info","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"-","user":"-","k":"close-log","v":{"path":"Z:\\Company Files\\Tableau Repository\\Logs\\tabprotosrv.txt"}}


      Any help would be much appreciated .