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    Tableau Lod


      Hi Please check below sample data ,if user select Region =A  and Country=INDIA by filter we need to show B,C total in sheet 2 (Mean need to exclude C) and same thing we need to map sheet 1

      sheet 1 is with Region =C and Sheet 2 is without Region =C Ex is below

      attached is sample excel data with same example please check


      Sheet 1 is actual data based on filtered data

      Sheet 2 is Excluding data based on filtered data


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          Okechukwu Ossai

          Hi Shaik,


          One approach is to use a Country filter and a Region parameter.


          Step 1: Create parameter [Select Region]


          Step 2: Create calculated field [Region 2]

          [Select Region]


          Step 3: Create calculated field [Filter]

          [Select Region] = [Region]

          Set Filter to 'True' in Sheet 1 and 'False' in Sheet 2.



          Step 4: Add [Country] and [Select Region] to your dashboard as filters.




          Hope this helps.


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            Zhouyi Zhang

            Hi, Shaik


            Please find my solution attached.


            Below is the screenshot of the calculation and its result



            Hope this helps



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