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    How to force update data source on opening a dashboard or worksheet?

    Allen Qin

      I use Tableau Desktop 10.2 and I have a worksheet connecting to a Oracle database table. The table will gets updated by external processes on a irregular basis.


      What I need is every time when I enter the worksheet, or a dashboard containing this worksheet, Tableau will update the view with the most recent data from the underlying DB.


      I can't seem to find a way to do this in Tableau. The only option is to manually refresh Data Source and this is not acceptable by the business.


      I've enabled auto update option for the worksheet and dashboard but people said those options will not automatically update the Data Source and indeed they don't work.


      I've been searching for a couple of hours without any success. It seems such a simple task yet so difficult to do in Tableau.


      Is Tableau capable of doing this?