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    Grouping survey results

    Joy Nepomuceno

      Hi All,

      I'm fairly new in tableau and I'm working on an NPS volume report. I'm trying show the  number of surveys received per rating (0-10) using the dot plot/chart. For example if rating 1 received 3 surveys, then there should be 3 dots under this rating. Below are the fields that I have (unfortunately, I can't upload a sample file due to confidentiality issues at work).


      Customer Name

      NPS Category (Promoter, Passive, Detractor)

      Date Answered

      Rating Given (0-10)


      I have tried using the "shapes" chart. However, I always get 1 circle for as a representation of the entire ratings received for the specific rating.


      I hope you could teach me the best approach that I can use for this report. Thank you.