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    TSM: .bat script stops after any tsm command

    Vinh Ton

      Just upgraded to 2018.2 server and

      updating my Windows Server 2012 r2 backup .bat script to to use TSM instead of tabadmin

      The problem I'm having is stops running after any TSM command


      Is there a switch or something with TSM I need to use?


      For example


      echo %date% %time%: creating logs...



      :: -o overwrite

      :: C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\files\log-archives\

      tsm maintenance ziplogs -o -f logs.zip



      :: copy log file to backup drive

      copy /y %TABDATAPATH%\log-archives\logs.zip %UPERMBACKUPPATH%\logs_%SAVESTAMP%.zip



      this script will stop after tsm maintenance..