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    Coloured identifiers confusing Grand Total value

    Dave Attrill

      I have a field in our dataset that has a credit status that I am colour coding off of for purely visual reasons, however when I do this the Grand Total values at the bottom of the screen get colour coded as well, is there a way I can turn that off so I can get a clear value?



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          For quantitative palettes, there is the option to "Include Totals", however categorical coloring can get a bit tricky when it comes to the totals.


          One method for accomplishing this can be done through this article: Assigning Different a Color for Grand Total Only | Tableau Software


          My personal favorite method is to use the SIZE() table calculation. As the size function returns the number of items in the partition (addressing and partitioning depending), we should only see the totals having a size of 1 and every other item being > 1, using this we can set up a calculation to only color code when size is greater than 1, for example:


              IF SIZE() > 1

                  THEN [KPI]

                  ELSE 'Total'



          I set up one of the sample workbooks with this method as an example.


          Hope this helps!