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    Calculate New Percentage column by using existing percentage column

    chakradhar kakani

      Hello Tableau Users,


      I'm trying to calculate another Percentage column by using existing percentage column which was calculated using two measure values (attached is the work book)


      As you can see conversion % the formula is sum(profit)/sum(sales) which is straight forward now im trying to calculate a significance % column only for EXPOSED row in the data using conversion % column the formula that should be ((Conversion % of exposed - Conversion % of unexposed) / (Conversion % of unexposed)) *100 so i.e. in my workbook it should be like ((42.68 - 42.92) / 42.92)*100  and ((28.94 - 28.92) / 28.92)*100 and so on....


      so I have long list of campaign dates and im lookup calculated field for the significance % percentage and use for calculation but not getting there can any one please help me.