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    Help on Using Parameter and Calculation (Case) as filter.

    Janice Ip

      Of I have two type of visitors International and National. I want to use a parameter as a filter so I could show just one of the type when the filter is selected.

      I have a third option which is the default opinion where I have both International and National Visitor as side by side bars.

      (The following image shows the default graph, without any filters and calculations)

      I used the following Calculation as Filter


      CASE[Type of visitor Parameter]

      WHEN "International" THEN [Type of Visitor] = 'International'

      WHEN "National" THEN [Type of Visitor] = 'National'

      When 'National and International' THEN FALSE



      When selecting 'International' and 'National' I got what I want

      BUT when I select "National and International"

      My data disappears


      I want to set it so when selected National and Intentional, everything goes back to default