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    Comparing Booked to Actual when Actual is a Calculated Field

    Lisa Hackbarth

      I don't currently have a sample data set for this problem, so crossing my fingers I can find help without it.


      The categories are set when an event is booked and based on expected revenue level.


      Basic - $1000-3000

      Premium - $3000-7000

      Superior - $7000+


      The ranges aren't in the data set, just the category name. The category is set once an event is booked and doesn't change.


      I'm trying to compare booked vs actual count. I have the calculated field that determines what the event's category should have been (Reported Category). But I can't find a way to calculate the delta between the two. I have a bar chart in my viz of the count of each category based on reported revenue, but want a label that shows the delta between the booked count and actual count. i.e. If there were 1000 Premium events booked, but based on actual revenue there should have been only 800 Premium events then the label should show -200.


      But with Reported Category on the columns level I can't figure out the right way to calculate the delta. Any ideas?