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    Visits per 1000




      I run data with more than 25 groups at a time, export to excel, calculate visits per 1000 in excel before building in Tableau. I  connect to Tabeau using an excel file. My question is:


      • Is there a more efficient method than what I am currently using? I create the maps (for instance ED, UC visits per 1000 etc) one at a time for each of these groups. I create the map then go back to excel, to calculate visits per 1000 for another group. I believe its time consuming.




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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Ekene


          Do you have a sample workbook or sample data? and how did you calculate the visits per 1000?



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            EKENE ODIGBOH

            Hi Zho,uyi


            Unfortunately I cannot provide the data due to PHI. I use pivot table to calculate visits per 1000 after running SQL code ( that gives the sum of ED visits in a particular region for instance- see below) but I wanted to know how I can incorporate Ed visits per 1000 instead into my code instead of getting sum of ED visits to get ED visits per 1000.




            Visits per 1000 = Visits/ member count X 12,000