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    Basic doubts 2

    Vishal rajadhyaksha

      Question 1:


      Please refer below screenshot. I want to highlight profit with dark color. But the output is confusing.

      On which basis Tableau decides shades of colors ?  Why yellow color shade for entire column of furniture ?





      Question 2:

      (a) In which scenario you may need to publish excel file into the tableau server ?

      (b) I came across below statement; but I am not able to find EDIT CONNECTION menu. Can you please paste the screenshot ?

      1. In Tableau Desktop, select the data source from the Data menu, and select Edit Connection.


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          Ken Flerlage

          You've placed Profit on the color card, so while the chart itself is showing Sales, it's colored by profit. Because you've used stepped colors, my guess is that most of those are within the smallest step of the profit. Does that make sense?


          Not sure what you're asking on question 2. People use Excel for Tableau all the time, but it can be a bit problematic if you publish to Tableau Server and need to auto-refresh. But you can certainly make that work as well. But, you can easily publish a workbook using an Excel data source with no issues.


          To get to the Edit Connection menu, go to the Data Source tab, click on the down arrow on the connection, then select Edit Connection from the menu.


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            Vishal rajadhyaksha

            Yes I used 5 steps. As you rightly said it's colored by profit and that's what I wanted. But what I am still not getting is logic behind the color shades. In this particular example (given on screenshot) , on what basis color shades are given ? Hope you got my point. By default tableau chooses dark color for profit out of the color shade range ? If yes, then furniture sale is increasing year by year , so why yellow color shade for furniture column ?


            Also, my 2(a) question is In which scenario you may need to publish excel file into the tableau server ?


            (I was going through some of the very old posts on questions asked about publishing excel file into tableau server; all posts talk about how to do it but not why to do it . So, just to clear my doubt asked it. While doing so, I came across below post -

            https://community.tableau.com/message/303046#303046. This info is irrelevant but just thought to share)


            Thanks for clearing doubt for question 2(b). I was looking for edit connection under DATA menu in menu bar.

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              Vishal rajadhyaksha

              Can anyone help regarding above mentioned queries.

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                Ken Flerlage

                Sorry for the delay in responding. You've chosen to color each block by profit, so basically Tableau will, by default, assign the color on one end of the scale (the left, by default) to the lowest value (i.e. lowest total profit) and the color on the right to the highest total value. If you do not use stepped color, then it will gradually change the color going from smallest to largest. So, for example, if the lowest profit is $0 and the highest is $100 and we are using the Green-Gold color palette, then 0 will be assigned gold and 100 will be assigned green. 50 will be assigned the color right in the middle of the scale. 25 will be assigned a color 1/4 to the right of 0, etc.


                In the example below, the profit ranges from $29 (in the lower right hand corner) to $50,304.

                In your example, however, you're using stepped color. In this case, instead of a blending of color across the scale, it breaks the scale into distinct colors going from the left color to the right color. It then determines which of the 5 sections the number will fit into. Using our 0 to 100 example, the values 0-20 would appear in the first color (gold), 21-40 the second, 41-60 the third, 61-80 the fourth, and 81-100 the final (green).

                It is true that furniture "sales" are increasing year over year, but remember that you're coloring the block based on profit, not sales. If we were to display the profit as text, instead of sales, it will become more clear. The first color would be anything ranging from 29 to around 10,000 or so. Furniture profits are well below 10,000 for each year, thus they are gold.


                Question 2a: If your data source is in Excel format, you may need to publish that to Tableau Server. For example, let's say you have an Excel spreadsheet that someone updates daily. You can publish that spreadsheet as a data source to Tableau Server, then set up up to automatically refresh on a regular basis, such as daily. Excel is a very common data source, so this is something you might do on a regular basis.


                Hope that helps.

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                  Vishal rajadhyaksha

                  Thanks Ken for your time..appreciate it.

                  Now the concept of steps is much more clear and so is the color logic.



                  Regarding question 2a:

                  So, in an organization, suppose 100 users are there. Each is having tableau desktop on his machine. All these tableau desktops will be connected to tableau server.

                  If there is no server, each user will need to keep his own excel copy on his system and upload it in his tableau desktop or else 2nd option (in case there is no server), each user will need to connect his tableau desktop with his own individual database.

                  Please correct.

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                    Ken Flerlage

                    If there is no Tableau Server, then there are a couple of options. First of all, the Desktop users can connect to shared databases, Excel files, text files, etc. shared on a network drive. As long as those files are accessible to everyone, then there is no reason for people to maintain local copies. The other option is to use Tableau extracts (TDE or hyper, depending on the version). The initial user would create an extract from the data, then that could be shared with others.


                    Does that answer you question?

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                      Vishal rajadhyaksha

                      yes..Now much clear..

                      Thanks a lot Ken.

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                        Ken Flerlage

                        Great. Would you be so kind as to mark one of my responses as the correct answer so we can close this thread and others can learn from it in the future. Thanks!

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                          Vishal rajadhyaksha

                          Hi Ken,


                          Done the needful.