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    QoQ based on the dynamic filters selected

    Aksha Kurtarkar

      Kad Result.png


      Hi Guys,


      The image above illustrates the result we would like to achieve.  With the filter selection, we would like to calculate QoQ Growth and also Rank the Channels based on its value.

      I did give MIN Max LOD a try, however, was not able to achieve the above result.


      Quater 1 will be one report, and Quater 2 is the 2nd report and so on. The aim is to marry them in a dashboard eventually.


      As the filter selection cannot be predicted the Quarter 1 should be the Min of all 4 quarters selected, while Quarter 4 is the Max of the selection. Quater 2 should be Min + 1 Quater, Quater 3 will be Max - 1 Quater.


      Quater 1 Growth = % difference of value as against the previous quarter for that same channel. They will be also ranked in a Descending order based on the value. Please find the .twbx file attached for the sample data.


      I have seen some example with Parameters, however we would like to achieve this with the filter selection.


      Any thoughts guys? Jonathan Drummey ?