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    Fixed Rank for Customer for Sub category

    J Jack

      Hello All,


      Need help in Fixed ranking for Sub Category.


      I am able to rank the customer ascending based on their Sum(sales), the lowest sale person gets higher rank. Below fig.



      The above tab is perfectly correct, for example, customer Adam is ranked 2 in Envelopes which is correct. but in my desired sheet there is no customer name on the rows, user will select the customer by drop down filter, and when a customer Adam is selected it should rank Adam 2nd for Envelopes category, so on so forth.


      This is my desired sheet. As you can see when Adam is selected from filter, it is ranking based on the sales that is showing within the window, For Sub-catergory, Envelopes it is showing 5th rank for adam, which i don't want, it should show rank 2nd for Adam and for all the other customers when selected through filter.

      In the below sheet rank fshould be like: Adam rank 2, cynthia rank1, erica rank4, Kathering rank 5, Laurel rank 3. when selected from drop down filter.


      Tried All LODs, not working


      Please suggest.


      Help is really appreciated.