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    Question - Can not open file

    Rick Byrd

      Hey everyone,


      I can not open a workbook in Tableau Desktop v.10.4 that I could 2 days ago.  I originally created the workbook on Desktop and uploaded it online so another co-worker could also make changes.  For the past 2 days I have been downloading the workbook from the online version and trying to open it in my desktop version but the open fails.  Below is the message I receive:


      "Errors occurred while trying to load the workbook "C:\Users\Richardb\Desktop\Test Rick.twbx". The load was not able to complete successfully.

      This file was created by a newer version of Tableau. Please upgrade Tableau to the version (or greater) that the file was saved in."


      I understand the message is telling me to upgrade my desktop version.  My coworker has the exact same version as I and she can download and open it with no problem. 


      I have editor rights to the workbook.


      My coworker even tried saving the file as a different name but that did not work either.


      Also, I can download other workbooks and open them in the desktop version.


      Besides upgrading, any other ideas of what could be causing this.