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    Hexbin Maps and Filtering Underlying Data

    Russell Warden



      I have created hexbins for data on a map that scale when zoomed in and out (using the cos and sin functions).  I also included the following tweak on my slightly different formulas:



      I have implemented the solution Jeffrey gave to show the symbols on a map and it works great. The problem I am having now is that I can't see the underlying data when I click on a specific mark. The goal is to be able to click on the mark and then have a second sheet update with the record list that falls under that mark. Since I can't get the underlying data view to work, I can't update the other sheet. When I click to show underlying data, I get the location of the symbol and a count but the full data is just blank.




      I finally solved my own problem. The issue seems to be that the data ends up as a float. As such hexbins that don't land on nice round numbers would fail to show underlying data. So I modified the formulas as such:

      Knocking off digits longer than 6 after the decimal allowed it to work. Then I made a sheet with the rows of the records and added it to my dashboard and then used the map as a filter for that sheet so when I click a bin, I see a list of the records right in the dashboard.



      But one thing I'm noticing is that when I click the hexbin elements on the map, I can only see the underlying records based on the part of the hexbin I click.  If I click Pad 1 or Pad 6 (where data exists), then I will see the data held in each of those points.  But I can't see a list of all the data in all pads in the drawn hexagon.


      Is there any way to make it where when I click the hexbin, all the data from each pad is displayed?