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    John Wagner

      Why does my extract to SharePoint fail when somebody makes an edit to one of the lists?  I have to go back and drop the connection to the list and recreate it which leads to issues because the sheets using the connection are deleted.

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          John Wagner

          Ok I figured this out.  In SharePoint I have four lists with the same field name on all four lists.  One parent list the field name imports into tableau as a whole number and the same field from the other lists import as a string.  I was converting the field to a whole number using the convert option in Tableau.  When I did that if somebody added a new item to one of the child lists Tableau could not, for whatever reason, make the conversion on new items. 


          The solution was to make a copy of the child field(s) make a calculated field and wrap the int function around the value and it worked.  Sheesh.