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    Average if




      I am quite new to Tableau and I am stuck at one calculation.


      I have weekly data with different products, different customers and their unit sales.


      I'd like to calculate: IF the average unit price each week is higher than in the parameter,  then I'd like to calculate the average of weekly base sales  for these weeks.



      AVG(if [AUP weekly]>[Promo Price] then [Unit Sales] else Null



      Calculated field [AUP weekly] = {FIXED[Date], [Manufacturer]:[AUP]


      Promo Price is a parameter.



      ***I've used a similar calculation to calculate how many weeks on promotion a product is each year and the calculation is working, so I tried to follow the same logic, but I think I am missing something:

      COUNTD(if [AUP weekly]<[Promo Price] then [Date] else Null

      END) ***