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    Attributing a higher aggregation to a lower detail level (Attributing a number on month-level to day-level)

    Lotte Van Doorss



      I'm trying to attribute a higher aggregated number to a lower detail level.

      I have sales per day, and budgets per month. I want to evenly divide the budget per day based on the proportion of sales in that month.

      I can get away with it on a month level, but I don't get the right budget contribution as a grand total.

      This is because, to avoid duplication, I use the formula min([budget])*[Sales contribution %]. The grand total should be 700 instead of 200.

      Is there a way I can get the total sum correctly?

      I need to be able to calculate the sales minus the budget, which is now giving an incorrect result on total level as well.


      Many thanks!

      Kind regards