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    Tableau - Google Analytics Users Issue

    Radu Maftei



      I have connected Tableau Desktop 2018.01 with Google Analytics.


      My problem is that for the Users measure I have a different results displayed in Tableau for the same dates selected on the Google Analytics interface or Google Analytics Query Explorer. ( My results is higher )


      I am using the same Account, Property, View, Date Range , Segment as in Google Analytics on Tableau Desktop.


      Is there any other Dimension or Measure that needs to be taken into consideration when those kind of results are displayed?


      Note: For Pages/Session, Average Session Time, Bounce Rate, etc. the results are exactly the same as in GA interface as in Tableau, only Users has a problem. I read somewhere that actually this measure takes the Unique ClientID but I cannot find this measure available in the list of masures.


      Any recommendations?


      Thank you.