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    Publish data source that is only accessible by Tableau Server

    Shengyang Zhou

      Currently, our setup involves a Tableau Server on Linux and an ODBC database, both hosted on two separate machines.


      Now we want to add this database as a data source for our Tableau Server. Since Tableau Server's web interface doesn't support creating ODBC connections, we must use Tableau Desktop to connect to it first and then publish it as a data source to Server.


      But the assumption here is that the Desktop client can reach the database. What if this is not the case?  What if the database server is on a private network only accessible by Tableau Server, not by the Desktop client?


      As far as I know, the ODBC connector in Desktop must be able to make a succesful connection to the database first before being able to publish the connection to Server. This is clearly not possible in this case.


      Is there any way around this?