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    Sort based on sum of two columns with varying date range filters

    vashisth sorathia



      Attached is the screenshot I am working on.


      I am trying to sort(in descending) the rows by the total of green+yellow but as you can see that second row should be at the top. It is showing in the second position because there is a date filter applied currently but the total of second entry is less than that of the first entry if we look for the whole time period available in the data source. So it seems that tableau is sorting the values based on the totals in the whole dataset and not for the time range present in the filter.


      In the rows shelf, I have also tried to use the discrete version of the green capsule(columns shelf) and added a quick calculation of rank but it doesn't seem to work. It did work when I didn't have a green/yellow split in the bars. I am trying to make it work with the split.


      Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.