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    LOD Fixed expression is not working

    Gaytri k

      Hi all,


      I have two excel data. one is "List of New Hires" and second one is "List of tickets" created by these new Hires.


      I have been using "Fixed" in Calculated field like below to get the fixed # of New Hires from the first list with below Categories like Region, country Group etc..


      {fixed DATEPART('month', [Hire Date]),DATEPART('week', [Hire Date]),[Region],[Country (group)],[Company Group] : COUNTD([Candidate ID])}


      This works fine until i introduce another filter called "Assignment Group" (this column is from Second data source "List of Tickets")  in the filter pane. The numbers change accordingly.


      But i dont want the numbers to be changed after applying "Assignment Group" or any other filters.


      please help me with this.