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    Forecasting Monthly Billing

    Nhung Nguyen

      Hi All,


      I am working on a project which is forecasting billing in the next 12 months. there are a list of jobs that are active, and those jobs would have estimated start date, estimated complete date, contract amount, and total billed. My task is calculated how much is our estimated monthly billing in next 12 months. Therefore, I calculated estimated month bill by this calculation below:



      (contract amount - total billed) / (estimated complete date - estimated start date)


      and then I added this number in future month based on their estimated start date and estimated complete date.


      However, I cannot present those number in a chart, and I also feel like it is not a very good way to do it. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone have better way to do it? or how I can do it in chart so it has better visualization.


      Thank you all for your time.