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    Conditional Formatting across Dimensions based on Calculated Benchmarks

    Zahra Dabzadeh

      Hi All,


      My goal is to conditionally format/color code the measures calculated for a dimension based on a benchmark value that is also calculated for each dimension... Sounds simple enough, but most examples I have reviewed online either color code across one measure (using a Placeholder field or the "Use Separate Legends" feature) or use static benchmarks (Predetermined percentages or Parameters for percentage input by users) to color code measures.


      To clarify, I am attaching a sample workbook based on survey data. In this sample workbook, there are two dimensions (which correspond to survey questions) and five measures (which are calculated fields). For every dimension/question, I need to color code three of the five measures/calculated fields (2015 Rating, 2016 Rating and 2017 Rating) based on the value of one of these measures/calculated fields (2017 Rating), which changes for every row.


      Please keep in mind that the actual workbook my team and I are working off of right now consists of over 100 questions/dimensions, so I am looking for a solution that is practically scalable.


      Any direction and insight would be much appreciated!