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    Questions regarding commentnig, SAML authentication and templates.

    Ali Ahmad

      Hello community,


      I have some questions regarding Tableau.


      1) What are the commenting possebilities in Tableau? We have a client that says he is putting comments into the workbook, but they are disappearing in the dashboard. If anyone knows about some good YouTube videos, feel free to share or if anyone recognizes the described issue if you have any pointers on this.

      2) I know that in Tableau you have to define authentication when you install. Can you still only use one of them or combine different authentication methods?

      3) Is it possible to make "templates" or standard objects you can use across different dashboards?


      Thanks for any help.




      Ali A

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Ali,


          Are you using comments for fields or comments for the views?   Some options.


          You can add comments for fields in Desktop and these will persist on Tableau Server.  Use the function "Default Properties" from the Drop down menu of a field in the Dimensions/Measures pane.  The option 'Comment" appears and it is here that you can document the field information desired.


          Next, you can utilize worksheet Captions from the Worksheet menu .  This is a great location to describe what a specific sheet does.


          For dashboards,  you could utilize a text dashboard element right in a dashboard to describe and comment on a dashboard. 


          Finally, you could utilize annotations within a view to describe specific areas or marks in the views. 


          I hope that help.