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    Daily average with dimensions

    Eric Brown

      I have data structured as below.  I would like to create a measure giving the daily average for the unitcount regardless of the aggregation.  For instance, If I would like to show the count by week, the measure would equal (((11+15)/2) + ((20+18)/2) + ((15+17/2) + ((17+10/2) + ((12+13/2) + ((17+15/2) + ((15+15/2)) / 7 as this is the average of the unit count daily average for the week.  The data also includes added dimension of "group" and "subgroup" that could be added for filtering.  So, if I filtered for only group a, the measure would be (11+20+15+17+12+17+25)/7.


      I have tried a LOD such as this AVG({FIXED [date], [group], [subgroup] : SUM(unitcount)}) without success.