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    Timeline with Dates/Milestones

    Bryan Rossello

      Hi All!



      I'm having a bit of using trying to translate this into what I need. I've been working on getting a timeline with key milestone dates depending on a parameter or filter responses provided by the user. However, I am open to any intepretation or ideas on what is the best way to visualize.



      Sales teams want to know when they need to have a contract signed in order to launch. Customers request Go Live dates for product and based on the customer size, we can provide timeline and if it aligns with strategy.


      Use Case 1:

      Customer A is mid market and they want to go live by 2/1/2019 or after and they are a Mid Customer.  I would like to be able to show them the timeline with the 3 key dates and let them know they need to provide the contract signature by no later than 10/1/2018 and the soonest our team would engage the would be 11/1/2018


      Use Case 2:

      Customer B is a large customer and we are already in October 2018 but wwant to go live by 2/1/2019. I would like to be able to show them the timeline with the 3 key dates for a 3/1/2019 go live for large customer and that they cannot go live as of 3/1/2019 at the earliest.


      Customer TypeRequested Go LiveEarliest Go LiveContract Signature DateEarliest Implementation Engagement
      Mid Customer2/1/20192/1/201910/1/201811/1/2018
      Mid Customer3/1/20193/1/201911/1/201812/1/2018
      Mid Customer4/1/20194/1/201912/1/2018






      Please let me know if there is anything I can clarify on! Thank you in advance!



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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Bryan

          Did you ever get an answer on this?


          I looked at the post and would suggest a slightly different approach


          you really have 2 types of customers Mid and Large and for the Mid it is 4 months from Earliest to Contract and a total of 3 months to Earliest implementation

          for Large the it is 5 and 6 months


          you could do find the dates with conditional statements -

          like  contract date = if [cust type]='Mid'  then dateadd('months',-4,[request go live date] elseif  if [cust type]='Large'  then dateadd('months',-5,[request go live date]  end


          and then something similar for the earliest implements


                          if [cust type]='Mid'  then dateadd('months',-3,[request go live date] elseif  if [cust type]='Large'  then dateadd('months',-4,[request go live date]  end






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