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    PDF generation through Tabcmd with csv

    Alex Fernandez



      I am trying to get tabcmd to read values from two different columns in a csv file and apply those values to  Tableau Server view filters so that I can create a pdf. In terms of simplicity, let's say there are two filters, Year and Car Model and the view displays gas mileage data. So I would need a report for Year 1 with Model Car A, Year 2 with Model Car B, etc… With year values being stored in one column and the model car in another column. Using the code shown below, I have been able to generate PDFs through Tabcmd using a csv file but only from the first column. I am wondering if anyone knows how to make it read two columns? So that it takes the year from the first column and the model car value from the second column.


      FOR /F "tokens=1" %i IN (C:\Documents\FilterOptions.csv) DO tabcmd export "/MilageRankings/MileagePerformance?Year=%i" -pdf -pagelayout landscape -f "C:/TestPDF - %i.pdf" --no-certcheck


      Thank you,