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    Combine filters on dashboard

    Ellie Girgis

      I have 6 sheets, all displaying the top 10 stores for 6 different metrics. Each sheet has a legend saying what color is associated with what demographic group (each store has a main demographic group). They are bar charts with all different colored bars, depending on the demographic group each store falls into. When I add them all on a dashboard, I am looking to combine the legends that say which demographic group is associated with what color.


      Currently on my dashboard, I can only get my first table's demographic groups associated with those top stores to display on the legend. However, these aren't all of the demographic groups used across all sheets. I am looking to make a master legend.


      Since they are all indicating on the same dimension I can't imagine it is that difficult, I just can't figure it out.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

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          Ben Neville

          If you have any sheet which will have all members on it, just keep this legend and hide the others. If you don't have any such legend, try making a sheet explicitly for this purpose.

          1. Put your demographic group field on Rows and Color

          2. Make your mark type a square

          3. Adjust the Size until appropriate

          4. Place this sheet in your dashboard and either

               a. Keep the worksheet as your legend, and hide the actual legend, OR

               b. Make this new sheet floating, size it 1 pixel by 1 pixel and put it off screen so it's not seen, and keep the legend for this sheet as it will always have all demographic groups (don't let filters apply to this sheet)

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            Ellie Girgis

            Thank you!