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    Embedded dashboard and then clicking on the hyperlink project

    Anthony Abaya

      ***Attaching a packaged workbook is not really applicable to my situation/problem here. Please read and I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.***


      Please refer to the screenshots also. NO ISSUES WITH USER PERMISSIONS--Please take note. Any user should be able to access any mentioned dashboards here.


      1. Suppose I have a dashboard named "MED12322 - APP Clin Doc Notes" on my server https://tableau.orgname.org (let's call this the TABLEAU PRODUCTION server), located in site named "Site2". I then embed it into a dashboard on the same server but different site named "Radiation Oncology".


      2. It publishes properly. The only problem is, when I then click on the project hyperlink (in the path located on the upper left hand corner of Tableau)--LEADERSHIP in this case, I get directed to an error page.






      3. Following is the error page. When I hit F5 or refresh, everything gets back to normal.



      4. Issue occurs only when the embedded dashboard is from the same server. I did some troubleshooting. If I embed a dashboard from, say, site https://tableautest.orgname.org (let's refer to this as TABLEAU TEST system), I don't have this issue.


      I tried troubleshooting by embedding the dashboard into a dashboard in the TEST system and then, in turn, I embedded that dashboard in TEST into a dashboard in PROD, same issue.


      Any way for the hyperlink not to direct to the error page? Please help! Thanks.