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    Tableau prep- bulk union, movement of elements and the size of output file.

    Byungkeun Song



      I have installed Tableau prep (trial) and now have some questions.

      For a better understanding, I attached the screencapture and prep file.


      First, I converted .xls file into .xlsx file (excel) of 30 files then used a tableau prep.

      Each excel file (connections tab) has 1 sheet called "dataset''

      Here are the questions.


      1. Is there any way to make bulk-union instead of one by one union? - below, I had to make dataset 1 + dataset 1 2 then, add each dataset into the union.

      2. After making a flow, I export .csv file and it got 2.6gb size of file. But, total size of 30 excel files are 117MB. Seems that there is some redundant union between them. how can I fix it?

      3. In the filed, Can I move those elements - data set,union 1, etc - to make neat-looking organization?


      Any advice or help will be appreciated.