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    Daily average over a period of time

    Frederique Bordignon



      I would like to calculate the average number of tweets from different Twitter accounts over a period of time even if nobody has tweeted on specific days and even if everybody has not tweeted everyday.


      My data are like this :



      I would like to know the daily average number of tweets for each Twitter accounts. I expect to get 1,2 (12/10) for Twitter account1 who has tweeted 12 times over those 10 days, even if nobody has tweeted on 05/01/2010.


      And, if I use a date filter and want to know the daily average of tweets between 06/01/2010 and 08/01/2010, I expect to get :

      - for Twitter account1 : (2+1+2)/3 = 1,7

      - for Twitter account2 : (0+0+1)/3 = 0,33

      - for Twitter account1 : (2+2+0)/3 = 1,33


      I did not manage to calculate the average on the basis of a fixed number of days. The number of days vary according to the number of days each Twitter account has tweeted -> for example, if a Twitter account has only tweeted once in a year, its average is 1...


      I would appreciate if I can get some help on that problem.