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    Tableau Server - Action filters across projects

    Robertino Bonora

      Hello I have the following question, I have two workbooks, which I published in Tableau Server in different projects, one of the projects has worksheets with graphics and the other has worksheets that are tables. The idea is that in the dashboard where the graphics are, you can click on an icon and redirect me through an action filter to the other project and the user can see the table with the data source information. But the point is that in the Tableau Server project view the user can ONLY see the project that has the graphics and not the project that has the tables, although from the action filters if they can access these workbooks, is this possible?



      Thank you



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          Paulo Dantas

          Hello Robertino,


          you can do it. Just publish first the dashboard with tables, get the link and insert into the dashboard with graphics.


          Just creat an action as URL and select the dashboard.


          See the attached file.


          Make sure that the users has permission on the second project/site.





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            Robertino Bonora

            Hello Paulo, I've already managed to do that, but my question was (maybe I didn't make myself understood), if I have both projects on the Tableau server, I'd love that users couldn't see the project with the tables in the Tableau server's project view BUT they had access to the table workbook through the action filter. I have already set up the URL action filter and created the two projects.


            Thank you!



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              Ben Neville

              They would need access to the individual workbook (or potentially just a worksheet) in the second project either directly, or if you have a guest account via a core license.


              Functionally, by setting permissions on the second project, you're asking Tableau to never let any users without explicitly allowed access to see it, then you're telling Tableau you want anyone to be able to see it if they come through X URL (your workbook with the links). There's no native mechanism by which to add this link exception (at least easily), so adjusting permissions and/or duplicating the workbook content to put it (or a subset of it) in a place where your users CAN access it is likely the best solution.

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                Robertino Bonora

                Hi Ben, so if I'm understanding, I should give users access only to the worksheet within the second project and not to the project itself, and maybe with this the users won't see the second project in the Tableau Server project view but could get through the action filter?


                Thank you!



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                  Ben Neville

                  On the individual workbook, correct - I believe this is still current behavior in Tableau Server. They should see the workbook, but not the project. If they do see the project, it should only be the single workbook if they were to navigate to the project. They wouldn't have any idea what (if anything) is missing - just that there is a workbook in that project that they can see.

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                    Robertino Bonora

                    What I was testing is that I have 2 users in a development environment, I have both projects, I gave the first one access to the sources, the project and the workbooks, no problem here, but the second project I denied them access to the project and gave them access to the data source and the workbooks.

                    What happened with this was that they couldn't actually see the project but when I wanted to use the action filter I didn't have access to the workbook that is in the project that they don't have access to, so I didn't know what to do.


                    As I mentioned, users should not see the second project but should access the workbook that is within that project but through the action filter that is in the main workbook.


                    If I have, as I mentioned, two users in a development environment and I give access to both to the main project, what should I do with the second project in the permission settings? Thinking I have only one workbook within this project.


                    Thank you very much!