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    Publishing as tabs

    Alyssa Ashton

      I have workbook with about 3 worksheets and a couple of dashboards.  When I publish as tabs, it publishes the same thing 5 times, one for each worksheet/dashboard.  Can I publish as tabs only once?

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          Paulo Dantas

          Hello Alyssa,


          Can you explain more your doubt?


          Send a screenshot please.



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            Alyssa Ashton

            So I published as tabs.  This is my screenshot.  One view for each worksheet in the workbook, but each contains the tabs for all worksheets, so I don't need one for each.  I only need to see it once.


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              Ben Neville

              I'm not sure what you mean by "but each contains the tabs for all worksheets, so I don't need one for each", but I assume you're referring to having check the "Show sheets as tabs" option upon publishing, which means you have a banner on every worksheet/dashboard page that has a link to each of the other worksheets in the workbook. Assuming that is the case, and you simply don't want to see these here, no... not really. You could perhaps put them all into a story, but this view basically shows every sheet or dashboard in the workbook, so long as it's not hidden. You're on the Views tab of this specific workbook, so it will show every view in the workbook. The normal navigation here would be through a favorite/bookmark/hyperlink I assume, so the entry point isn't always relevant for everyone. Really, worst-case they're jumping into the middle of your workbook and when they get confused one would hope they'd be smart enough to click on the "About" tab. If they aren't confused, they shouldn't need to read your About section anyway.


              If you really don't like it, I might try the story approach and see which you find more intuitive.

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                Alyssa Ashton

                Yes, that's what I meant.  Thanks.

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                  Robertino Bonora

                  Hi Alyssa, when you publish to the server theres an option that says Show Sheets as Tabs, uncheck this and publish. Let us know if it's what you were expecting..



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                    Ben Neville

                    This will remove tabs from every sheet in her workbook, giving her the worst of both worlds (in my opinion), as it's a real pain to navigate through the workbook with that configuration.

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