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    There seems to be a limit on the size of a title and on a mark's text area size.

    Joe Oppelt

      Background:  In the dashboards at our site we add a little sheet that is a custom image of our group's logo.  We use that as a way to display extra help on the dashboard.  Hover over it, and the tooltip has help info about that dashboard.


      One such tooltip on a complicated dashboard is HUGE.  The info is important.  The customer asked if we could make that info pop up and stay up in a separate browser tab.  My idea was to do a URL action to a separately-published sheet that contains all the same info.  Now the user will have 2 tabs -- one with the help info, and the original dashboard.


      However, I'm trying to find a way to shove all the text info into that special sheet.  I just figured I could cut-and-paste what was in the help sheet's tooltip into a text mark, or into the title of the special sheet.  Both cut-and-pastes result in a truncation of the text at the same spot in the text.  It looks like it's 1000 characters.


      Looking for a hack (or a better idea!) for how to shove 2000 characters into the sheet.


      I suspect there might be something I can hack in the XML, but I can't find it.


      Any ideas?