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    Changing result of a Calculated Field

    Alessandro Passera

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a variable in my dataset called: [Subscription Type].


      The variable contains strings. Here some examples:







      I want to extract the last 4 characters and transform them in a decimal number, such as 19,99, 24,88.


      So far, I created a Calculated field that allow me to do so:


      FLOAT(RIGHT([Subscription Type Code],4))/100


      The problem is that by using this Calculated field, I get some values equal to 0 or Null.


      How can I add to my Calculated Field an IF statment so that if the result is 0 or Null, the result of the Calculated Field will be a value from another variable (in this case [Order Total]).


      Many Thanks in Advance!



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          Jim Dehner

          I would prefer to see the data in a twbx workbook


          but try this

             if   ifnull(        FLOAT(RIGHT([Subscription Type Code],4))/100,0) =0 then (Order total) else  FLOAT(RIGHT([Subscription Type Code],4))/100 end




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